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About Today's Book World

We represent authors from around the world.
Periodically, we distribute thousands of books IN PRISTINE CONDITION and at no charge to outlets throughout America. We do not stamp them; we do not hole-punch them; we do not mar them.
We do not accept all books.
Only quality books will be offered to you. We accept only those books that are sufficiently edited, professionally printed, and appropriately bound. Some are magnificent.
  1. Some are hot-off-the-press.
  2. Others are great sellers, such a series with over 218,000 published thus far.
  3. Others fulfill untapped markets.

We're proud to present emerging "author stars."

Many books are or will be using
on-going national publicity.

Review a wide variety of
independently published books
from diverse authors.

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In alphabetical order

102 Things You Ought'a Know about Your Rights at Work

A Diminished Thing, or Sex and One Superposition

A Drop in the Ocean

A Woman's Pleasure

Allied Air Transport Operations



Contemporary Poetry

Customize Your Retirement Plan

Delices des Maitres Cuisiniers de France

Dogs I Know

Effective Parenting

Farmer John's Farm


God and the Revival of the African Spirit
Book 1: A Journey to Freedom

God's Master Plan

God of My Silent Tears

Great Truth of Acts

Growing Up and Out of the South

Healing Entities and Aliens

Heart & Soul of the Train

How I Overcame Grief

Humpty Dumpty & Friends in the Southwest

I WAS A SLAVE: Book 1: Descriptions of Plantation Life
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 2: The Lives of Slave Men
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 3 : The Lives of Slave Women
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 4: The Breeding of Slaves
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 5: The Lives of Slave Children
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 6: Slave Auctions

Killing in the Name of Love

Kings of Medes: Secret Schemes in Ancient Iran

Ma... I Promise

Midnight Daughter

Music of the War of 1812 in America

New Book Clip

No More Little Old Ladies

Opening the Door:
Unleashing the Greatness in Our Teenagers

Professional Development Dictionary and Guide

Raid at Inchon:
Life Behind the Lines

Ripples of Love

Russian System

Saving a Piece of Americana

Straight from a Dad's Heart

Sturgis Road Trip

The Bishop's Secret

The Collages of Robert M. Swedroe 2006-2011

The Devil's Science

The Money Tree

The Rose:
A Survival Manual for Lovers

The Truth about Disease

The U.S. Financial Crisis and Economic Recession

They Did Not Hear

The Teamwork Chronicles

Touched by Jesus

Vampire Royalty:
The Rebellion

Wake Up!
An Analysis of African-American History

White Smoke Rhymes
A Poetic Journey that Allows the Reader to Participate

Why Kids Don't Have Heart Attacks

You've Got the Job -- Now Keep It!



In alphabetical order

Mudada Abdu

K.M. Anees-ul-Haq and Shylaja

Sathya Amorik

J Bannerman

Shauna Beallie

Phillip Botha

Robert L. Bradley

Maria Calamito-Proto and
Rachel James

Steven H. Carney

Chiaku Chukwuogor

Yvonne Majett Cooper

Tom Cronin

Barbara D. Culp

Babak Dehghani

Adrian Dvir

Richard Ellis

Mauris Emeka

T.C. Fairley

Former American Slaves

R. Groenke and W. Keller

Robert Hamrin

Jate Hemms

Julius Henderson

Valerie Hoffman

Mattie Johnson

Katherine Jones

Kate Van Winkle Keller

Lewis Kelley

J.F. Kelly

Robert H. Kelly

Robert H. Kelly and
Katherine Jones

Esther LaMadrid-Esparza

Lane Products, Inc.

Maitres Cuisiniers

Barbara Morris

Alvin Morrow

Robert O. Owolabi

Shawn Sher

Robert D. Siedle

David Skill

Donald E. Stevens

Anand Swarna

Robert M. Swedroe

Peter and Filomena Tassi

B.P. Teasdale

Laurence W. Tysoe

M.S. Riyaz Ulla

Vladimir Vasiliev

Nathaniel Wesley, Jr.

Freddie Lee Williams

Ryan S. Willis

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